05:10 GMT08 May 2021
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    The incident happened just a few hours after the royal wedding. The young man explained that he brought the weapon to the city because of US President Donald Trump's warning.

    Meghan Markle's nephew, a US cannabis farmer who was not invited to the royal wedding, sparked a police investigation after he attempted to attend a London club with a knife in his pocket on Saturday night.

    According to reports, the 25-year-old Tyler Dooley explained to security staff that he took the weapon with him in self-defense after he heard Donald Trump's warning that London is a dangerous place.

    According to the Sun, Dooley voluntarily gave out the knife at the request of club's bouncers, but when he heard that police might be called to the scene, he became frightened and ran off.

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    The local police confirmed that they had received a call "after a man openly declared he had a knife as he attempted to enter the club," but did not name the person's name. Carrying a knife (except for folding pocket knives) in a public place is illegal in England.

    "When officers arrived at 01.55 hrs enquiries led them to a hotel in Kingston and two men in their 20s were spoken to by officers in connection with the incident," the statement said.

    "One of the men also voluntarily surrendered a noxious spray. Both men, who were visitors to the UK, were warned about their actions," it added.

    According to the police, no one was arrested and the inquiry is over.

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    The incident occurred just a few hours after Prince Harry and Meghan were pronounced husband and wife on Saturday.

    Dooley was one of a few of Meghan's relatives who came to London despite having no official invitation to the wedding ceremony.

    Earlier this month, Trump criticized London's crime rate and pointed to frequent knife attacks in the UK capital, while defending gun ownership in the United States.

    The US politician referred to a story he allegedly heard about a "prestigious hospital" in London which was "like a war zone for horrible stabbing wounds."

    In an apparent attempt to connect the surge of knife crimes in London to a ban on guns, he added: "They don't have guns. They have knives, and instead there's blood all over the floors of this hospital."

    Trump's remark has been harshly criticized by UK officials. For instance, Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott said that she doesn't "see how violent crime in London justifies the licensing of guns in the US," while Charlie Falconer, a former justice secretary, noted that such statements make London residents "dislike" Trump even "more."


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