14:44 GMT31 May 2020
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    After gruesome sounds coming from the bottom of the Red Sea made headlines worldwide the other day, many opted to develop their own version of what was going on there. However, an experienced Russian diver has come up with a plausible clue.

    In an interview with My Planet, Russian diver Igor Demidenko said he had seen the spot where the ominous sounds originated from with his own eyes.

    To understand the cause of these, one has to submerge still deeper into the sea, which Igor did together with other divers before, when they were taking a course in technical diving at one of dive spots in Abu Ramad, a coastal town near Hurghada, Egypt.

    He recollected going as deep as 50 meters below the water level and finding himself in what looked like a bamboo forest, which essentially turned out to be dozens of oakum ropes, stretching from the sea bed to parked vessels.

    The ropes also featured some steel details, or wires, which actually caused a bone-chilling howl, Igor said.

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    Chilling noises, like knocking and crackling, were heard by tourists and experienced divers alike. The head of the Society for Saving at Sea and Environmental Protection Hasan al-Teiib offered three versions of why the terrible sounds occurred.

    First, he suggested it could be the songs of large whales; according to the second version, this was the so-called  "extrusion," which occurs due to cracks in the seabed formed in the wake of earthquakes. Third, the reason for the ominous sounds can be geological work carried out by oil drilling companies.


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