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    Craigslist Seller Offers ‘Gently Used Orbital Launch Vehicle' to Shoppers

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    If you're in the market for an orbital space rocket, look no further than Craigslist.

    On Friday, an anonymous seller posted an ad on the website for a "gently used" SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The price? Just $9.9 million.

    Craigslist seller offers up 'gently used orbital launch vehicle' for $9.9 million
    Craigslist seller offers up 'gently used orbital launch vehicle' for $9.9 million

    In all fairness, this is a decent discount when you realize how much the rocket would cost new. According to Fortune, a new Falcon 9 rocket costs around $60 million to manufacture. Quite a steal!

    The ad boasts that the rocket is "fully loaded with onboard flight computer, launch and landing hardware" and can "take off and land anywhere" as long as it's fueled up. (Gas, which could possibly set you back another $200,000, is not included in the deal.)

    Wanting to be upfront, the seller indicates that the rocket "says Falcon 9 on the body," but adds that with some buffering the "slight burnt paint" could easily be erased. Another catch is that the buyer "must bring [their] own tug boat." Maybe dad's truck will suffice?

    "Do not lowball, this is an orbital capable autonomous rocket," the ad states. "You will not find another one like it. Serious buyers only."

    If interested buyers don't have the cash on hand, cryptocurrency is also acceptable.

    So, who's ready to break open their piggy banks?


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