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    'Afghan Bruce Lee' Abbas Alizada

    'Afghan Bruce Lee' Dreams Big, Looks to Star in Locally Produced Kung Fu Epic

    © Photo : Provided by the secretary of Abbas Alizadeh
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    Abbas Alizada, Afghan actor and Bruce Lee doppelganger, has given Sputnik Dari an exclusive access look into his hard road to stardom, and his ambitions for the future.

    Since he was a child, Abbas has been fascinated with martial arts, but financial difficulties in his family prevented him from joining a sports club. Refusing to give up, he began training at home instead.

    "I first saw Bruce Lee's movies when I was about 8 or 9 years old," the 24-year-old recalled, speaking to Sputnik Dari. "I really liked Bruce's movements. I must admit that it was these films which prompted me to study martial arts," he added.

    'Afghan Bruce Lee' Abbas Alizada
    © Photo : Provided by the secretary of Abbas Alizadeh
    'Afghan Bruce Lee' Abbas Alizada

    Abbas has been independently studying kung fu and wushu over a period of about ten years. Three years ago, he began studying with a coach at a local sports club.

    "I started training in the basement of my own home, with a minimum of equipment. Even now I train in the basement," the actor noted.

    'Afghan Bruce Lee' Abbas Alizada
    © Photo : Provided by the secretary of Abbas Alizadeh
    'Afghan Bruce Lee' Abbas Alizada

    The aspiring actor also learned to use nunchaku, the traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon consisting of two sticks connected by a chain or rope, simply by watching Bruce Lee's films and mimicking his movements.

    "The most vivid memory of my life is connected to nunchaku; I was watching a movie and playing with them. Suddenly they hit me on the head, and for about five minutes I lay unconscious," the actor recalled.

    Abbas gained fame in Afghanistan and internationally a few years ago, after publishing his photo on Facebook, along with the caption "Bruce Lee has appeared in Afghanistan."

    "I'm very proud that Afghans have given me the nickname 'the Afghan Bruce Lee', and thank God for fulfilling my wish. It gives me energy," the young man said.

    'Afghan Bruce Lee' Abbas Alizada
    © Photo : Provided by the secretary of Abbas Alizadeh
    'Afghan Bruce Lee' Abbas Alizada

    According to Abbas, people react in a variety of ways when they see him in the streets, some greeting him and asking for a photo, while others laugh. "Bruce Lee is a legend. For society, he is a role model, both as an athlete and as an individual. Of course, I can never take his place, but so long as I live, I will continue along his path," the aspiring actor humbly noted.

    After gaining widespread recognition, several film producers turned to Abbas with proposals to appear in their movies. He has worked on two films so far. One, an Azerbaijani comedy picture released in 2016 called 'Brat Lee' ('Brother Li'), has him playing Bruce Lee. "I believe that this is only the start of a long journey," he hopefully said.

    A second film, an Indian picture whose production is being wrapped up, also has the actor reprising the role of the martial arts legend.

    Recently, Abbas has also signed a contract with a Hollywood company. Keeping mum on the details, the actor said that work on the picture will start in March or April, and will be slated for international release.

    Abbas hopes to open a film studio in his home country, where he wants to attract talented and promising young people to help develop Afghanistan's film industry. "After achieving fame abroad, I would like to play in my own film, shot in Afghanistan," he said, sharing his plans.


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