01:15 GMT28 October 2020
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    Police stations were receiving panicked phone calls, residents were frantically uploading photos and videos to their social media pages as a “blue flash in the sky” left many shaken up in Japan.

    The heavenly body flew over Saitama Prefecture on the night of November 21. It was captured on video surveillance cameras and car recorders.

    The meteor’s descent caused panic among the inhabitants of the prefecture. The police reported that it alarmed people who called the police stations asking about the "blue flash in the sky."

    The incident also caused reaction online. “A meteor fell,” one wrote. Another said, “What looked like a shooting star glowed very brightly before it disappeared,” Japan Times reported.

    ​A 22-year-old man who filmed the object while driving through the Saitama town of Namegawa said, “I saw a very bright light, which at the end disappeared in a flash.” He added, “I did not hear a sound. I thought what I was witnessing was something rare,” the publication reported.

    Astronomers believe that this meteor could be a part of the meteor stream of Tauris, which can be observed in October and November.

    Meteors are fragments of cosmic bodies that fly at great speed and burn when they enter the Earth’s atmosphere, leaving a bright luminous trail, like a falling star.


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