07:43 GMT20 June 2021
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    Sometimes all you need is a warm, furry cat to pet, or if there aren’t any cats around you can just reach out for a pillow with a furry moving tail. Japanese startup Yukai Engineering has created a “tail therapy” robot called Qoobo.

    Yukai Engineering is a startup that specializes in creating robotic accessories. Among their developments are fluffy ears that move depending on whether the person who wears them is relaxed or tense and a miniature robot doll that knows how to dance and sing.

    Recently, the Japanese company unveiled its latest product, the Qoobo "tail therapy" robot. It is essentially a small pillow that wags its tail when it is stroked.

    “This is essentially a cushion with a realistic cat tail that reacts to stroking and patting, such that it's able to comfort its ‘owner’ like a real pet would simply through tail wagging,” online magazine Engadget reported.

    The creators call the furry robot a "tailed pillow that will cure your heart."

    The cushion is presented in two colors, gray and brown and it is equipped with a USB-connector, with which the device can be charged. 

    On a single charge, the cat like pillow can wag its tail for up to eight hours.

    The company plans to launch the sale of Qoobo in June 2018, and the cost of the pillow will be about $ 100.


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