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    Bicycles in China

    Bicycles in Beijing: New Traffic Nuisance Pushes Authorities to Take Measures

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    Too much of everything is clearly bad. An enormous number of bicycles in China’s capital are making the authorities take up some tough measures. They have spoken against new rental companies setting up shop in the city.

    Bike rentals had become an integral part of the urban transport system in Beijing, and to some extent it helped alleviate congested traffic. 

    However, now the city is literally flooded with bicycles and that in itself is becoming an issue.

    In the beginning of September over 2.35 million bicycles could be rented on the streets of Beijing. These bicycles, which were meant to resolve the transport issue, are now one reason for the worsening of the situation on the roads, primarily because they take up too much parking space and people leave them carelessly on the roads.

    The huge amount of bicycles at rental stations was also beginning to block streets and public squares.

    People were parking bicycles wherever they could find a free spot and that further congested roads. 

    Therefore, Beijing’s authorities had to prohibit an increase in the number of rental bicycles and the companies that facilitate such facilities.

    The latest decision of the municipality aims to motivate civilians to become more responsible. The new laws will obligate bikers to register a bicycle on their identity card, and the rental companies will now have to supply all the bicycles with GPS beacons.

    That would facilitate the public to cooperate with the city services and promptly respond to their demands by removing accumulated bicycles from certain locations.

    However, the biggest problem, namely a chaotic parking situation, will take a while to get resolved. 

    The authorities of each of Beijing's districts will now be responsible for monitoring the total number of bicycles and parking spaces available.


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