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    Half of UK Would Say Yes to Universal Basic Income Regardless of Employment

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    According to a new survey by the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath, nearly half of the 1,111 British subjects polled support Universal Basic Income (UBI) regardless of employment status.

    That means that 49 percent of British people believe that the residents of the UK should all receive a regular sum of money from the government or a public institution.

    However, even though the majority of people surveyed seem to feel positively about UBI, support drastically dropped to 30 percent when the specific suggestion of funding it through increased taxation was made. 

    Similarly, support for UBI also dropped to 37 percent when people considered UBI funding through cuts in welfare benefits spending.

    The poll also revealed that 63 percent of people who support the UBI concept are also part of the center-left Labour Party in the United Kingdom compared to the 40 percent of UBI supporters who identify as Conservatives.

    Conservative-leaning adults were also more supportive of a UBI scheme that involved cutting existing benefits at 49 percent, compared to Labour-leaning adults at 34 percent.

    Dr. Luke Martinelli, from the University of Bath's Institute of Policy Research, said, "This new data shows quite surprising levels of support for basic income in the UK — although this falls when asked to consider UBI's fiscal implications," the Independent reported.

    "Our findings are significant because there is currently very little polling data on attitudes to basic income per se, despite a number of long-standing social attitude surveys and the massive growth of interest in basic income over recent years," Martinelli said.

    "The data should generate interesting analysis on the political feasibility of introducing basic income in the UK — in particular, about potential constituencies of support, and the forms of basic income that appeal to different demographics — important issues about which we currently know very little," Martinelli added.

    There are many countries that have already implemented universal basic income, including Canada, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.

    Scotland, which ish also part of the United Kingdom, is also considering a universal basic income scheme that would offers its citizens £150 per week in cash.

    Nicola Sturgeon, the current First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party, said, "The Scottish government will work with interested local authorities to fund research into the concept and feasibility of a citizen's basic income to help to inform Parliament's thinking for the future."


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