02:01 GMT07 August 2020
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    Recently, one of the world's largest pornographic servers, PornHub, analyzing the statistics of its audience, made an interesting discovery. In 2016 and 2017 there were users from North Korea logging on to the server.

    Pornography of any sort is officially banned in the DPRK but the incoming traffic on PornHub showed that there were several thousand visitors accessing their website and that was enough to draw some conclusions about the sexual preferences of North Koreans.

    Judging by the PornHub statistics, the North Korean visitors generally prefer porn involving Asian women, particularly Japanese porn stars.

    While there is also a relatively high percentage of Japanese in the Asian category, it can be said that Japanese women are the top preference of sexual fantasies of the North Korean men.

    But considering that the country bans online porn, the question emerges, who is watching it in the DPRK? 

    It is definitely not the foreign tourists because they do not have free internet (for example, Russians who come to the DPRK usually use internet in the Russian embassy). Furthermore, tourists are under constant monitoring in the country so that leaves them with little chance for some “alone time.”

    Ordinary citizens in the DPRK do use cell phones and computers, but they are connected to the country’s intranet system called Kwangmyong, through which it is impossible to connect to the World Wide Web.

    Thus, the technical opportunity to go online and watch pornography in the DPRK perhaps lies only among the representatives of the elite. 

    The North Korean intelligence services have free access to the internet and in recent years there has been a rise in their internet traffic, so they can technically log in from their editorial offices. 

    Moreover, it can be assumed that in general the leading elite has such access, both on an official and personal level.

    PornHub has also collected statistics on the devices used to view porn. According to the results, 53 percent was viewed via desktops, 36 percent on mobiles and 11 percent through tablets. 

    These statistics irrefutably prove that the North Korean elite has not only wired but also wireless access to the internet. Government buildings, most likely, offer numerous Wi-Fi spots.

    The PornHub data sheds some light on the mysterious North Korean elite, its structure and preferences. 

    First of all, it suggests that not all North Koreans are hardcore communists, who think only of the revolutionary struggle; they do enjoy some basic human desires after all.

    Secondly, the senior management’s control over members of its elite is gradually weakening. 

    Thirdly, the isolation of the North Korean society from the outside world is somewhat exaggerated. The nation’s elite do have free access to the outside world, its communication and probably they are aware of everything that is said and written about them and their country.

    Thus, it can be assumed that everything that is published about the DPRK online immediately becomes known to the leading circles in Pyongyang. 

    The North Korean elite are much more aware of the world than people may think and therefore can play on that fear using their missile and nuclear program.

    As a result, it seems that while the Western world is panicking about the DPRK’s missile launches and its nuclear threats, the country’s elite may as well be just sitting back, relaxing and loving those Japanese bombshells on PornHub.


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