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    What Did I Just Watch: YouTube's Most Weird Viral Videos

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    The animator and director David Lewandowski, who worked on such films as "Tron: Heritage" and "Oblivion" recently made a comeback after three years, with a new viral clip about rubber human bodies. Take a look at some of the weirdest viral videos out there.

    David Lewandowski five years ago released a video clip called “Going to the Store.” The main character of the clip is a naked rubber man walking down the sunny streets of what looks like Los Angeles to eccentric music. But will he make it to the store?

    Cream by David Firth

    The magical cream is the latest product that will fix not only your skin but also your life. The video depicts the story of Dr. Bellifer, a scientific genius, who after years of experiments reveals his revolutionary new product: a cream with the power to fix all of the world’s problems. 

    At the end of the video, however, it becomes clear that the invention of this miracle cream is not so beneficial to everyone.

    The Glitch

    On the YouTube channel Corridor there is a clip about what would happen if the glitches that sometimes occur in video games start occurring in the real world. 

    A video shows a soldier kneeling on the ground looking at his gun in amazement as the gun has gone halfway through the ground. When he tries to pull it out he also gets dragged into the glitch.


    The video clip shows a regular beachfront street getting invaded by huge teddy bears. The surrealistic video made by Cyriak is incredibly addictive, as one cannot stop watching how the teddy bears wreck havoc on the area.

    Weirdest Video You Will Ever See

    As the name rightly suggests, the video is very strange. It shows different people performing half-naked on a stage. Some have poles attached to their limbs and faces, other are walking around holding crutches. Oh! And there is a woman crawling on the floor with a big mic in her mouth.

    Men in Chairs

    The creatures in the clip look like humans who are suffering from obesity; however their faces are contorted in ugly grimaces. The clip was created by Brian Tessler and John Baken. Although the clip may seem to not make much sense, just watching these creatures makes one feel a bit alarmed.

    Username 666

    This horror story video was uploaded to YouTube nine years ago. The clip is dedicated to a curious user who is trying to find a video channel called 666. At first he can’t find it, but finally when he finds the page he was looking for he realizes that he will not be able to ever leave it.


    On the channel andywilson92 one can find many eerie clips, the main characters of which are from famous cartoons and video games. How can a cartoon hero be creepy? It very well can be.

    The creator of the animation has made it clear that he is not an evil guy, he is just incredibly ambitious and quite drunk most of the time.


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