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    An Il-76 military transport plane in Omsk, Siberia.

    Russian Il-76 Jet Honored in Chile for Coming to Rescue During 'Total Chaos'

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    A Chilean company has released a detergent called Súper Luchín, named in honor of the Russian aircraft that took part in extinguishing the devastating forest fires in Chile. Sputnik Mundo spoke to one of the creators of this detergent, Paola Sepúlveda.

    The idea originated in the San Agustín Company which is located in Viña del Mar and was engaged in the sale and distribution of the cleaning products.

    At a time when the company was just planning to start production of the liquid laundry detergent, Chile was swept by fires that destroyed more than half a million hectares of the country's territory.

    Right after that Paola Sepulveda, digital planner of the firm, was discussing ideas for the name of a new liquid detergent with the owner of the firm Anita Pino. Both agreed that it was necessary to come up with a bright and catchy name.

    It was then that the idea for a powerful name, Luchin, appeared. Luchin is the word that Chileans use to affectionately call the aircraft Ilyushin Il-76, which the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry used to put out forest fires in Chile last month.

    “Super Luchin owes its name to the Russian aircraft, which together with the Super Tanker gave hope to the Chileans in a time of a total chaos, when over 200 fires were blazing,” Sepulveda told Sputnik Mundo.

    She further said that back then the people were greeting the aircraft near the airport, waving their handkerchiefs in gratitude for helping the country during a difficult time.

    “The detergent Super Luchin is our attempt to pay tribute and sincerely thank the international assistance provided by Russia,” Sepulveda said.

    The design and product concept of the new detergent, which will soon appear on store shelves, was developed by a journalist and a student studying in the field of advertising strategy and creativity at the University of Barcelona.

    She further said that they paid great attention to social media where the aircraft made a lot of noise.

    They also noticed that the government did not express any particular  gratitude for this aid and hence, they decided to let the general feelings of the people be heard by naming their product Super Luchin.

    “Super Luchin is a super aircraft, muscular, strong, attractive Chilean superhero,” Sepulveda said.

    Furthermore, San Agustin Company is contributing to the victims of the fire as one percent of the sales will be directed to cater to their needs.

    Earlier last month, the Chilean Interior Ministry declared a red threat level due to the wildfires and evacuated some 200 locals. At least 100 houses were destroyed by the wildfires in the city of Valparaiso, Chile, with 19 people suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, local media reported.


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