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    Globalization Still Popular Among the Masses Despite Bad Press - YouGov

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    Globalization has not been the most popular of subjects in the West recently. Governments are failing to prevent citizens from feeling left behind, which is seen as the cause of a lot of the recent political turmoil witnessed around the globe today.

    The arrival of President-elect Donald Trump has only added further ammunition to the argument that globalization is still very present in our society today, irrespective of any negative press it has had.

    A new YouGov survey of more than 20,000 people across 19 countries, has revealed that the majority of respondents believe that globalization is a force for good.

    Unsuprisingly perhaps, the countries that are the most enthusiastic about globalization are the ones that have benefitted from it the most — the poorer nations of East and South East Asia. The belief in the positivity of globalization reaches at least 70 percent in all countries and goes to a whopping 91 percent in Vietnam. 

    ​In Europe, support for globalization is equally high, with the only exception being France, where around 50 percent of those surveyed say that globalization is a force for good.

    There is also widespread acknowledgement that the rich have been the main beneficiaries of globalization. 16 out of the 19 countries surveyed agree that the wealthy have benefitted more from globalization then the less wealthy. 

    However despite the world's warmness towards globalization, when you look at the deeper components, the answers are somewhat different. 

    For example, interdependence in a connected world where the manufacture of everyday products is so complex that the supply lines involved in creating various parts can span the globe.

    Countries, inevitably trade with one another in order to meet their own needs. But 78 percent of Indonesians think that their country should be able to meet its own needs, as opposed to relying on imports from other countries. 57 percent of Indians, 53 percent of Filipinos and 52 percent of people from France agree with this also.

    Immigration is another subject that presents a mixed picture, 45 percent of Filipinos believe that immigrants have a positive effect on the country. 16 percent of Malaysians surveyed have a positive image of immigrants, compared to 39 percent who have a negative one.

    Unlike the 37 percent of adults in France who don't see globalization in a positive light, the younger generation — 77 percent of 18 to 24 yeard olds — believe it is a good thing and should be treated as such.

    The latest survey suggests that people are not as negative towards globalization as one would think and whether this trend continues remains to be seen. However, if the young people in France are a reflection of the world, it appears globalization may remain popular among the masses for some time to come. 


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