15:19 GMT19 January 2021
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    An unknown person dressed up as a clown and armed with a plunger attacked a passing car in St. Petersburg. However, the driver reacted like a boss!

    The video of the incident was first published by Baltika radio on October 20. It shows the car moving on a highway and out of nowhere a clown comes at it.

    The clown walks toward the car and hits the hood with a plunger several times. The driver gets out and attacks the clown. They wrestle for a few seconds and then the clown collapses to the ground. The driver sits back in his car and drives away.

    Some users on YouTube expressed their opinion that the video may be staged considering the recent clown craze across the globe. However, the footage does give some good advice on how to react if a clown attacks your car!

    Scary clowns were first reported in the US in August and quickly spread to the UK, Australia and Brazil.

    Last week, five teenagers dressed as clowns were detained in the Mexican city of Mexicali after frightening people with bats.

    In many cases, it was found out that those hiding behind masks were practical jokers, who decided to scare people for fun. US police have appealed to youth with a request to restrain from carrying out these incidents since the victims may behave unpredictably.

    The hysteria over the past weeks has prompted police in several countries to increase patrols outside schools, and in some areas fancy dress shops were asked to remove clown masks from the shelves.


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