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    Poisonous Hot Tubs, Deadly Bagpipes and Other Stuff That Could Kill You

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    Scientists have just announced that bagpipes can kill you, after a man died from "bagpipe lung," a condition caused by regularly breathing in mold.

    Doctors in Manchester diagnosed the condition, following the recent death of a 61-year-old man who passed away from a chronic inflammatory lung condition known as Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis. The man experienced breathlessness and eventually could not walk more than 20 yards due to the irreversible scarring to his lungs.

    Here is a list of other weird things that can kill you.


    ​You might think that hay is harmful enough, however it can attract a number of harmful bacteria.

    In 2011, some high school pupils from Colorado spread bales of hay around the building. Leaving it overnight, they returned the next day to find the school closed and a US$100,000 clean-up bill.

    Contact Lenses

    Acanthamoeba is a microscopic, free-living ameba, or amoeba* (single-celled living organism), that can cause rare, but severe infections of the eye, skin, and central nervous system. The ameba is found worldwide in the environment in water and soil. The ameba can be spread to the eyes through contact lens use, cuts, or skin wounds or by being inhaled into the lungs. Most people will be exposed to Acanthamoeba during their lifetime, but very few will become sick from this exposure.

    This is a strange, but life or death one… If you own a pair of contact lenses you are well aware of the fact that you should not wash them in water, but use a proper cleaning solution. Otherwise, a disease called granulomatous amoebic encephalitis (GAE) could get you.

    Also known as Acanthamoeba — a microscopic amoeba (single-celled living organism) — can cause severe eye, skin and central nervous system infections.

    Apart from contact lenses, it can also spread through cuts, wounds and inhaling it into the lungs. So, remember not to wash your contact lenses!

    Hot Tubs

    ​Hot tubs are dreamy — especially in the summer, when there's really nothing better than soaking some warm bubbling water after a long day at work.

    Unfortunately, they can be life-threatening. Did you know that chemical poisoning from hot tubs (and pools) send thousands of people to the hospital every year? Well you do now. 


    These winter nasties are unbiased and indiscriminative. When they fall they kill. Thousands of people die each year because of these winter brutes.

    Vending Machines

    ​We all love vending machines at work, grabbing those treats after lunch fill us with joy and lift us out of our afternoon slump by raising our blood sugar levels sky high.

    But did you know vending machines kill people by falling on them and crushing them to death? I bet that will make you think twice before you reach for that chocolate treat.


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