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    Washington uses the image of “bad Russians”, entrenched in Hollywood-made films, to gain public approval for its geopolitical interests.

    Image of ‘Bad Russians’ Serves US Aggressive Policies Overseas (PHOTO 18+)

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    Washington uses the image of “bad Russians”, entrenched in Hollywood-made films, to gain public approval for its geopolitical interests.

    The United States uses Russian film characters, widely depicted in Hollywood movies as evil opponents, to shape the American public's perception about Russia and to justify Washington's aggressive policies towards Moscow, according to US Foreign Affairs magazine.

    Hollywood depicts almost every single Russian film character as a ruthless and devious villain who seeks to kill, hurt or otherwise deceive "good" American characters. Just think of Ivan Drago in "Rocky IV", Ivan Vanko in "Iron Man 2", Sergeant Yushin in one of the "Rambo" series and many other thick-accented "evil" Russians created by Hollywood.

    This kind of portrayal of Russians helps Washington to rally up its own public against Moscow, helping the United States to justify its own aggressive policies towards Russia on the home front. In other words, Hollywood's depiction of Russians as "bad guys" helps US geopolitical interests.

    Hollywood is excellent at picking up the mood of US foreign policy issues. When the White House needs to rally up the public's support to carry out its interventionist policies overseas, film directors are ready to offer a helping hand and portray entire nations as bad communist guys, evil pirates, terrorists, uncivilized savages and plenty of other "The Other" characters whom "good" Americans need to ultimately defeat.

    After Vietnam, the American public became wary and grew weary about US troops going overseas. However, when the US government wanted to intervene in the Middle East, seeking their own geopolitical and economic interests, Hollywood started the production of movies which depict Arabs (and all Muslims in general) as turban-wearing, AK-47 swinging terrorists.

    The strategy worked. US soldiers got stuck in the Middle East, without a clear understanding what their mission was, who from whom they had to protect and even with no knowledge of who the bad guys were.

    Hollywood's non-stop assembly line-like production of movies with "bad Russians" in them serves Washington's geopolitical interests. Amid increasing tensions between Moscow and Washington, American movie-goers will likely see even more Russians on the silver screen in the near future.


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