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    Survey: Russians' values are changing

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    MOSCOW, June 29 (RIA Novosti) - More than 55% percent of all respondents in a recent survey by the Russian Public Opinion Center (VTsIOM) say Russians are growing more cynical and 50% think they are becoming more aggressive. The respondents associated these traits with achieving personal success.

    More than 67% said Russians were less than they used to be and 66% percent said honesty had also declined among the population. Patriotism and trustfulness are also on the decline, according to 65% of those polled.

    Another 45% think diligence has diminished in Russia, while 43% say energy and initiative are also shrinking. The idea of teamwork, something emphasized in Soviet times, has also lost its value, 38% percent of respondents said.

    They also accused those around them of being less benevolent, hearty and loyal.

    More than half of those polled, about 52%, said they would not betray their morals for success, but 40% of Russians are ready to justify immorality if that is the price of personal success.

    The vast majority of respondents say drug use, raising children improperly and animal cruelty are unacceptable.

    Russia's abortion rate is high and the country is facing a staggering demographic crisis. However, 44% say it is a necessary evil and 18% do not have a problem with abortion.

    Another 44% say resisting the police from time to time is okay, but 8% think it is okay. Similarly, 43% say dodging army service is sometimes necessary, but 12% see no problem in avoiding service. When it comes to finding lost money or valuables, 36% say that it is okay to keep what was found, depending on the circumstances, and 15% have a finders keepers attitude.

    Russians are generally intolerant toward homosexuality and tax evasion, with 59% and 54% of respondents, respectively, calling them outrageous acts. Respondents' attitude to adultery was split: 48% say they do not have a problem with it, while 44% say it is unacceptable.

    The survey was conducted among 1,599 people in 153 towns across Russia with a statistical error of 3.4%.

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