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    • Robotics
      Last update: 17:27 15.06.2017
      17:27 15.06.2017

      Roll Over Beethoven: Meet the Robot That Can Compose and Play Its Own Music

      Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a stunning world first in the fields of music and machine learning alike by creating a robot that can compose and perform compositions of its own. A lead researcher on the project has told Sputnik the prospect of a fully-fledged robotic band isn't unrealistic in years to come.

    • Quantum mechanics
      Last update: 15:07 15.06.2017
      15:07 15.06.2017

      Eureka! Quantum Mechanics Concept Could Provide Major Electric Car Breakthrough

      Wireless devices are nothing new, but the technology has advanced to such a degree the field still throws up stunning innovations from time to time – wireless charging was one such development. Now, Stanford University researchers have radically updated the solution in a way that could revolutionise any number of fields.

    • A woman gives a demonstration of an ambulance drone with built in defibrillator at the campus of the Delft Technical University in Delft on October 28, 2014
      Last update: 13:47 15.06.2017
      13:47 15.06.2017

      My Heart Will Go On: Swedish Medical Drones to Deliver Defibrillators

      In the event of a cardiac arrest, every minute is important. Today, Swedish researchers promote the use of drones equipped with heart starters to save lives in a pioneering study.

    • A map of China is seen through a magnifying glass on a computer screen showing binary digits in Singapore in this January 2, 2014 file photo illustration
      Last update: 10:45 15.06.2017
      10:45 15.06.2017

      US Tries to Restrict China's Silicon Valley Investments '20 Years Too Late'

      The US is trying to limit Chinese investment in high tech enterprises in a doomed effort to stop China from catching up to its level of development, experts told Sputnik China.

    • Installation of cell phone towers in the Tomsk region
      Last update: 03:55 15.06.2017
      03:55 15.06.2017

      Three Chinese Men Arrested in Thailand ‘Click Farm’ Bust

      Hundreds of mobile phones and hundreds of thousands of SIM cards were seized on Tuesday in a residential neighborhood in Thailand after immigration police arrested three Chinese men operating a click farm on the site.

    • Apple logo
      Last update: 03:48 15.06.2017
      03:48 15.06.2017

      Apple Taxes Content Creator Tips, Enraging Chinese Users

      Apple recently levied a 30 percent tax on tips paid to content creators via social media apps, creating a major controversy among China’s net users and tech community.

    • USS George H.W. Bush
      Last update: 03:13 15.06.2017
      03:13 15.06.2017

      US Navy Seeks Expedited MQ-25A Stingray Drone to Relieve F/A-18 Super Hornets

      The US Navy wants to accelerate the deployment of an unmanned aircraft refueling tanker on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS George H.W. Bush to as early as 2019, according to US Naval Institute News.

    • Penrose car, accident
      Last update: 02:24 15.06.2017
      02:24 15.06.2017

      Jilin Man Modifies Old Volkswagen Into Armored ‘Zombie Vehicle’

      A man in northwestern China’s Jilin province has turned an old Volkswagen Jetta into an armored “zombie vehicle,” equipped with spears on its rims and model machine guns on its hood. Overall, it resembles a car that has just escaped from battle, what with its rusty surface and rough body.

    • AILA, or Artificial Intelligence Lightweight Android, is pictured during a demonstration at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH (Deutsches Forschungszentrum fuer Kuenstliche Intelligenz GmbH) stand at the 2013 CeBIT technology trade fair on March 5, 2013 in Hanover, Germany
      Last update: 01:40 15.06.2017
      01:40 15.06.2017

      Access Denied: US Mulls Blocking Chinese Investment in Artificial Intelligence

      According to an unreleased Pentagon report, a federal agency is considering limiting Chinese financial investment in the US, even as Beijing continuously finds new ways to gain access to sensitive cutting edge US technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    • This illustration shows a star behind a shattered comet. Observations of the star KIC 8462852 by NASA's Kepler and Spitzer space telescopes suggest that its unusual light signals are likely from dusty comet fragments, which blocked the light of the star as they passed in front of it in 2011 and 2013
      Last update: 01:11 15.06.2017
      01:11 15.06.2017

      Wow! Sky-Watchers Reignite Debate on Mysterious 1970s Outer Space Radio Signal

      For four decades, the so-called “Wow! Signal” has captured the imagination of astronomers and enthusiasts alike. A bizarre radio signal from outer space, Wow! has been brought back into the conversation by a controversial new paper suggesting that the signal came from a particularly bright comet.

    • Olli Self-Driving Electric Bus By IBM’s Watson And Local Motors
      Last update: 00:45 15.06.2017
      00:45 15.06.2017

      Automated Driving Achievable by 2025: Industry Insiders

      Chinese automakers say the target of producing high-speed automated vehicles can be achieved by 2025. By then, mass production of such vehicles may be a reality, they believe. That vision was included in the government’s medium- and long-term development plan for automobiles, which aims to transform China into an innovative automotive nation.

    • Nuclear energy
      Last update: 00:23 15.06.2017
      00:23 15.06.2017

      US Invests Nearly $67Mln to Advance Nuclear Research, Technology

      The Department of Energy announced that grants totalling nearly $67 million for 85 nuclear research projects at university and government laboratories have been approved in an effort to promote safety, efficiency and US energy independence.

    • Konstantin as Deadpool, a character from Marvel universe
      Last update: 00:05 15.06.2017
      00:05 15.06.2017

      California Man Nabbed by FBI After Sharing ‘Deadpool’ on Facebook

      The FBI has arrested a young man in California who took the liberty of uploading a big-ticket Hollywood movie still in theatrical release to his Facebook account.

    • A hooded man holds a laptop computer as cyber code is projected on him in this illustration picture taken on May 13, 2017
      Last update: 22:22 14.06.2017
      22:22 14.06.2017

      Hacking Alert: US Warns Against North Korean ‘Hidden Cobra’ Cyber Attacks

      Washington has issued a hacking alert for websites associated with the media, aerospace industries, financial networks and key infrastructure, warning of cyber attacks from North Korean sources.

    • Woman with tattoo
      Last update: 19:04 14.06.2017
      19:04 14.06.2017

      Ink Me Up: Color-Changing Tattoo That Can Monitor Blood Sugar and Sodium Levels

      Researchers from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new color-changing tattoo ink that responds to changes in the body, such as blood sugar and sodium levels.

    • Progress MS-02 approaching the ISS
      Last update: 12:26 14.06.2017
      12:26 14.06.2017

      Russia Launches Progress MS-06 Cargo Spacecraft to ISS - Roscosmos

      Russia's space agency launched Progress MS-06 space freighter to the International Space Station.

    • An employee at the Kaspersky Lab office in Moscow
      Last update: 05:01 14.06.2017
      05:01 14.06.2017

      Kaspersky Lab Recommends Industries to Audit Security Due to Malware Attacking Power Grids

      Kaspersky Lab IT company has called on industrial companies to conduct security audit and increase the level of security following reports of new malware dubbed CrashOverride, which can reportedly disrupt energy systems, the company’s representative told Sputnik on Tuesday.

    • Woman
      Last update: 03:49 14.06.2017
      03:49 14.06.2017

      At Least the Neighbors Won’t Hear: Scientists Start Study of Sex in Space

      Since the dawn of man, humans have looked to the stars and been filled with wonder and questions. What’s out there? How can we go there, and when? Does the cosmos hold the answers that we seek about life and meaning? Now, scientists are beginning to seriously consider a new question: mechanically speaking, how do you bone in space?

    • This montage of New Horizons images shows Jupiter and its volcanic moon Io.
      Last update: 22:49 13.06.2017
      22:49 13.06.2017

      King of the Gods: Jupiter Dated to Be Oldest Planet in the Solar System

      A new study from an international team of astronomers has dated Jupiter for the first time, and their findings suggest that the Gas Giant is the oldest planet in the solar system.

    • A 3D-printed Twitter logo is seen on a keyboard in front of a computer screen on which an Islamic State flag is displayed, in this picture illustration taken in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, February 6, 2016
      Last update: 21:54 13.06.2017
      21:54 13.06.2017

      Threat Posed by Daesh Online 'Will Take Years, If Not Decades to Defeat'

      The US Military Intelligence Program's 2018 budget has reached $20 billion. At the same time, officials have told US media that the cyber warfare campaign against Daesh has proved a major disappointment. Cybersecurity expert Dr. James Lewis spoke to Sputnik about why defeating the terror threat in cyberspace is easier said than done.