10:47 GMT21 September 2020
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    Fashion influencer and a social media pro, Jessica Wang, could turn the users’ world upside down by merely sharing some iPhone tips they had no idea existed in the first place.

    With almost a million followers on Instagram and 2.6 million on TikTok, Wang channels her extensive knowledge of tech tricks to the public globally.

    Among the tips is a way to lock out anyone using their iPhone out of a chosen app, for example the Photos app. A user can set a passcode for Screen Time and choose a time limit. If anyone - in Wang’s case, her children - accesses an iPhone, the chosen app will be locked and can be only accessed once a user enters the set Screen Time passcode.

    In a series of videos she named “iPhone tricks most people don’t know about”, Wang explains how to send an iMessage with various effects, how to use a cursor and how to follow steps to access one-hand typing.

    “Touch and hold timer on home screen to quickly set timer,” “share photos without disclosing your location,” and “two-finger tap to select multiple messages, notes or email” are among the iPhone lessons taught by Wang.
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    If you ever wondered how to share your location quickly, you can start typing “I’m at” in iMessage and the phone will right away suggest the option of “Current location” preventing the user from the need to search for their address.

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    Wang’s posts receive thousands of likes and comments, with users hailing her tips.

    “Honestly you’re opening my eyes to a whole new world,” one user said in the comments section.

    “Wait you mean my iPhone can do this?” another user asked in disbelief.  

    In order to hide one’s photos completely, a user can save it in a note and set a lock. Then you can delete the photo from the photo album on your phone.

    This and other tricks were well received by Wang’s followers, but some admitted they had to watch her reels “500 times to understand.”

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