22:07 GMT23 November 2020
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    SpaceX’s Starship rocket, unveiled in Texas last Friday, has sparked widespread interest in response to its sleek design and its intended capability of carrying humans and cargo into space and onto other celestial bodies.

    CEO of Space X Elon Musk tweeted a video on Tuesday which shows a sneak-peak of the interior of his new Starship.

    "Inside Starship cargo bay. Header tanks mounted in tip of nosecone to offset engine weight at rear" He said, with anaccompanying video attached.

    ​The video gives the audience a sense of scale for the protype, which has been hyped up by Musk for months.

    Until recently we have only seen the exterior of the rocket. Musk said on Saturday that the stainless-steel spacecraft at SpaceX's Boca Chica, Texas, facility could see orbit within 6 months. 

    Starship is SpaceX's next-generation spacecraft which is intended to be capable of carrying humans and cargo into the Earth's orbit, the Moon, and eventually Mars.

    The original concept images for Starship showed the exterior to be much smoother, while this one appears more battered and standard.

    However Musk, in response to another tweet on Tuesday said: "Production version will be a lot more polished than this prototype, but still fun to see".

    The previous "Starhopper" test version of the rocket had some success in recent months with pulling off some short jumps. The new Starship model, however, is intended for much higher targets.


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