06:07 GMT15 August 2020
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    As the updated Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally being released after a months-long delay, a new Samsung video warns users about how fragile the device is.

    The video starts with a reminder that the Fold's display comes protected and needs no extra film - one of the reasons why early units got damaged was because reviewers peeled that layer off. However, the video also advises potential buyers to "use a light touch."

    The company earlier said it had fixed most of the issues with their foldable phone by extending the top screen layer beneath the bezels so it would be impossible to peel it off, shrinking down the gaps by the hinge, and adding plastic caps to prevent dust or debris from getting in.

    The company also advises against adding any additional screen protectors which could interfere with the folding display and not to apply “excessive pressure” to the touchscreen when tapping it.

    Finally, the company explained that the device uses strategically-placed magnets to keep it secure when folded, so it shouldn't be placed near keys or coins that could damage it. The device also shouldn't be kept near debit or credit cards, basically meaning that it would be best to carry the $2,000 device separately from everything else. Samsung even warns that you may want to consult your doctor before use if you have an implantable medical device.

    The video ends with a note that Samsung created the Galaxy Fold Premier Service to help you care for the foldable phone-slash-tablet. However, it remains unclear what will be included in the service aside from a personal setup session, training session, and phone support.


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