20:57 GMT31 October 2020
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    Nick Karnaze, an US Marine Corps veteran, is part of a team that is on a quest to gather proof that aliens have been in contact with Earth.

    A former US military intelligence officer Nick Karnaze has opened up on a mysterious UFO encounter he personally experienced during a military mission.

    As part of his staggering findings for Discovery show Contact, Karnaze shared the details of a bizarre sighting that left him asking the age-old question: do aliens really exist?

    The UFO enthusiast told Daily Star Online he observed something far "beyond a natural phenomenon" while on a military base in Utah.

    "We were at a remote part of Utah preparing to be deployed to Afghanistan. It was late at night, we were all going to bed and I had only just crawled in and all of a sudden the room lit up brighter than it was in the daytime."

    According to Karnaze, his first thought was that other marines were outside working on their trucks and had, perhaps, switched on the spotlights, accidentally illuminating his room.

    "I poked my head out and sure enough everything was extremely bright. I went and talked to the guys and asked if it was a spotlight or if a helicopter flew over and they said “nope, the sky just lit up brighter than the daytime with no sound.””

    Searching for a logical explanation for what had happened, Karnaze wondered if, perhaps, the sighting was a meteor re-entering the atmosphere.

    However, when they started filming Contact, produced for the Discovery Channel, Nick Karnaze and international space journalist Sarah Cruddas spoke with a man in Virginia who seemed to have had similar experiences.

    "He gave his account of something very similar to what I had seen, said Nick.

    "Sarah and I spoke about it and she informed me that what he had witnessed and what I had witnessed doesn't align with what happens when an object re-enters the atmosphere. The odds of me witnessing something coming in doesn't make sense and I thought 'oh maybe what I witnessed was beyond a natural phenomenon'."

    Karnaze, an ex-US Marine Corps serviceman who served in Afghanistan, is part of a team of highly trained investigators following up on leads to find conclusive evidence that UFOs and aliens have visited Earth and made contact with humans.

    cigar-shaped UFO
    cigar-shaped UFO

    Karnaze previously told the publication how he noticed a correlation pattern between UFO sightings and natural disasters, after the former intelligence officer claimed cigar-shaped UFO sightings are spreading worldwide and could be something "beyond" a classified military programme.


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