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    Future Tech Will Convince Clients' Brains They're Having Sex With Anyone They Like, Courtesan Says

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    The sex worker claimed that despite all the wonders the virtual reality tech of the future might offer, physical contact with a real person would still be considered “the most coveted experience”.

    As new highly sophisticated robots seem poised to compete with human sex workers for the affections of lonely people seeking companionship, one employee of Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada, shared her thoughts on where these sex dolls might fit it in the future market. 

    In an interview with the Daily Star, the sex worker, Alice Little, argued that by 2045, the advanced sex robots of the future will adopt a digital form and interact with their human clients by linking directly to their brains.

    "Not too long from now, a horny guy will be able to simply attach a cable to an unobtrusive ‘jack’ in his head to establish a brain to computer interface. This interface will allow the user to run a pre-programmed simulation that will convince his brain that he’s engaging in sex with just about anyone that strikes his fancy", she said. "Future sex tech will take masturbation from a one to a ten, and no clunky sex robots or VR headsets will be needed".

    She pointed out, however, that "fake is fake, no matter how realistic a sexual sensation can be approximated", as the majority of the prostitutes’ clients seek "authentic nonjudgemental relationship rife with communication and empathy".

    Nonetheless, she speculated that person-to-person virtual sex “will be the norm for sex-for-money transactions”, with the technologies of the near future possibly allowing people to literally go on dates, "complete with the sensation of a five-star meal in the most exotic virtual locales imaginable – all with no worry of sexually transmitted diseases".

    "Virtual intimacy sessions will be a blast, but physically meeting with the woman in actuality will still be the most coveted experience of all - and prostitutes will put a premium price on that", she added.


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