19:39 GMT26 January 2021
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    Even though PewDiePie announced that the Great Subscriber War against T-Series has come to an end, some of his die-hard fans cannot apparently put up with its outcome.

    Fans of PewDiePie now have a chance to play Pew Dew Redemption, a free game developed by Enki, which has turned the subscriber race between the Swedish YouTuber and Indian music label T-Series into a somewhat macabre and apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the internet.

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    Apparently, the developments in the game unfold long after their competition ended, and Pewds, who is described as the “last independent content creator” has to save the world from the evil YouTube channel.

    “The Great Subwar ended a long time ago. The struggle of the content creators however never came to an end. The company has taken over the whole world. Their new article that has been passed will result in full censorship. Felix! You’re the last independent content creator! Will you watch how the world falls apart or will you fight?” a voiceover can be heard saying.

    As gamers say, virtual Pewds is basically killing evil orange-hued robots only to find and press a huge “Delete Channel” button, which obviously would destroy TCRS – aka T-Series – in the game, thus saving the internet and the entire world.

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    It remains to be seen whether the Indian music mammoth will react to it, or whether Pewds’ fans will see a new video of him playing the bizarre game, but it has already driven social media users bananas:

    PewDiePie, dubbed the king of YouTube, has had the most subscribed channel since 2013, but has since been dethroned by T-Series, who entered the race several months ago after seeing a massive surge in its follower base due to India’s recent, expanding Wi-Fi procurement.

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    In late April, the Swede announced the end of the long-lasting “Sub 2 PewDiePie” campaign to keep him in the number one spot on YouTube. As of 22 May, the Indian company has amassed over 99.1 million subscribers, while Pewds has slightly under 96 million.


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