19:08 GMT08 August 2020
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    The newly launched intimate pleasure retreat has four dolls on offer, including one with an E-cup breast size available upon special request; but the owner is seriously considering introducing male sexbots as demand for bisexual threesomes is steadily on the rise, he claims.

    A new, “hyper-realistic” sex doll brothel has opened its doors to clients for the first time in the Japanese city of Nagoya, thereby making Japan yet another country to boast a high-tech LumiDoll love palace, after Spain, Russia, and Italy.

    "Futuristic sex can be experimented right now. Live the most fantastic date with your favourite anime character”, the company’s website reads, before going on to further intrigue potential visitors by inviting them to try out “futuristic sex” with their “favourite anime character”.

    Meanwhile, love-hungry adventurers indeed have a choice, even when it comes to what LumiDolls, the key service providers in the new venue, wear during their clients’  “wildest fantasies” – it can be anything from basic lingerie to “executive woman” outfits.

    Co-founder Sergio Prieto separately addressed the issue of the silicone lovers’ gender in his comments to the Daily Star, noting that the company is floating an idea to introduce male sexbots following a surge in men asking for a memorable bisexual experience.

    "We have recently attended to several clients who request an appointment with male dolls and female dolls at the same time”, Prieto told the edition, adding: "Probably bisexual, or heterosexual, who want to experience anal sex without interacting directly with a man of flesh and blood".

    Also, among “special requests” may be one of the four dolls on offer – Erika, who flaunts an E-cup boob size. However, all of these have conventional functionality, without additional technological gizmos added to them due to their high price and “low realism”, as most of the top-notch sex doll functionalities — like AI and facial mimicry — are in need of improvement.

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    The Nagoya venue, which is housed in a hotel building, is complete with all the necessary furniture items like sofas and TVs to make all of their demanding clients’ wildest erotic dreams come true; but as for the additional features, Prieto believes they should be considered “in the medium-long term since they require very advanced technology and mechanics”, while more time is also needed for prices to become more accessible for a bigger number of clients.


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