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    Oxford Scholar Reportedly Claims Aliens Interbreeding With Humans to Save Earth

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    The scholar has made similar claims in the past, suggesting that a debate be held on the topic of aliens, but has so far found little support in the scientific community.

    Instructor in Korean at Oxford's Oriental Institute, Dr Young-hae Chi, has come up with the idea that our planet could be saved from a critical environmental crisis that might lead to humanity's extinction by aliens interbreeding with humans.

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    In his latest book, written in Korean, cited by the Daily Mail, Young-hae Chi claims that aliens have been abducting humans to "interbreed" with them, creating hybrids capable of solving complex tasks, such as climate change, using their abnormally high intellectual abilities. In his opinion, the aliens are greatly concerned by the prospect of humanity's possible demise due to environmental disaster.

    "It may be more or less assumed that the hybrid project is a response to this impending demise of human civilisation", the professor said.

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    Young-hae Chi also claimed that once these hybrids succeed in their task of solving humanity's problems and ensure its survival, the aliens will change their "low estimation of humans' moral capacity". The pundit so far has little information to confirm his theory, though, and has found little support in the scientific community. His latest suggestion to hold debate on a similar topic at the Oxford Union was rejected in 2018.


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