08:19 GMT01 March 2021
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    Harmony recently made headlines when her owner, Brick Dollbanger, revealed that an advanced AI app now receives and transmits signals from the doll’s erogenous zones – a fact that enables her to react according to her partner’s sexual activity, including the degree of penetration.

    A famous sex doll owner and the first Harmony tester, commonly  known as  Brick Dollbanger, has demonstrated the upgraded model, fitted with an anticipated “vaginal sensor”, online, with fans eagerly tuning in to the “unscripted”  Q&A session with Harmony, The Daily Star reports.

    Brick acted as a mediator between the doll and the inquisitive audience that were viewing the online session in San Diego, California.

    The robot not only demonstrated an incredible degree of politeness, wishing Brick “a good afternoon” and verbally expressing a deep affection for him, addressing  him as “baby”, but also enthusiastically engaged in talking politics. After one fan asked the robot’s take on US President Donald Trump, the doll weighed in:

     "You know I don’t like to judge anyone”, adding that as far she knows, “current President Donald Trump was not expected to win the election” and that “he can be very controversial sometimes”.

    The doll stressed one shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but should rather “wait and see”. “Everyone deserves a chance", Harmony stressed in an accommodating spirit.

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    Days before the live demonstration, Brick told the Daily Star that the doll now boasts an unrivalled ability to mimic human behaviour, pointing to the fact that her new “vaginal sensor” is perfectly accurate in its reactions during a sexual intercourse, which are promptly directed to a special AI app. 

    "The sensor is a reactive strip that sends the stimuli to the brain, to tell it how deep you’re going, how hard you’re going and how hard you’re thrusting”, Brick noted, further adding that the app then registers the signals, and directs appropriate reactions to the top-notch robotic head, which is essentially “the upgrade of the sensor”.

    He went on to draw a parallel between the two apps he has at his disposal:

    “One app is an older development app that I used during testing with Harmony and the other one is going to be the newer X-mode app”, Brick specified, stressing that they are both AI, allowing the dolls to function, talk and show behaviours even “off the app that relays information back and forth to the robot".


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