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    The 62nd Congress of Endocrinology is currently being held in Göttingen, running from 20-22 March, where hundreds of practitioners, specialists and scientists are able to share their experiences, exchange information on treatment, and discuss new studies in their respective fields.

    "It's very important to exchange information, discuss problems and rare cases. I always find experts on a particular problem here and it helps incredibly in daily practice," Franz Jacob, a practicing endocrinologist with 30 years of experience from Würzburg, said.

    About 700 scientists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, China and Russia came to Göttingen to discuss matters such as osteology, Vitamin D, endocrine and metabolic systems, as well as endocrine oncology.

    In addition, Maria Vorontsova, a children's endocrinologist from Russia, a candidate of medicine and a researcher at the National Medical Research Center of Endocrinology, emphasised the importance of international communication among doctors, scientists, and experts in the field of endocrinology.

    "This Congress is held annually by the German Society of Endocrinologists, and it's very important not only to present our research but also to receive feedback from our colleagues from around the world. Russian scientists are extremely interested in international cooperation and dialogue with both practising endocrinologists and scientists and experts in this field because it's the matter of not only about obtaining new knowledge, but also improving the treatment for both adults and children," Vorontsova said.

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    Cornelia Jaursch-Hancke, an endocrinologist from Wiesbaden who has been attending this Congress for 30 years, agrees with her Russian colleague.

    "Every time there's a magnificent event. For about 20 years, there has been Patient Day in the congress programme. We know how important that is not only to discuss problems among ourselves, but to listen to what patients feel and want," she said.

    It's only the second Congress for Felix Amereller, but it's an invaluable experience for him: "This is a very useful event in the sense of networking. Last year, I met a researcher from Würzburg who helped me a lot and provided me with clinical cases for my research."

    Chinese PhD student Yuhong Yang agrees with him:

    "This is the first time I have presented my report to so many experts in this field! I'm very glad to be here, and I'm glad that my presentation went well! And this is a great career opportunity; here you can see the direction in which other European studies are heading," she said.

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    Other participants of the Congress also emphasised the need for such meetings. According to them, these meetings help give new impetus to the development of endocrinology as a science.

    "Every time we are waiting for March to come here again, and to discuss our problems in detail," Oya Güngöze from Frankfurt am Main said.

    Jorge Enrique Duque Escobar, an endocrinologist from Hamburg, stressed the exceptional importance of such events for both scientists and practitioners.

    "It's very important for us to establish a dialogue with practising endocrinologists at the beginning of the study and use it correctly in the future, because in the end, the consumer is clinics and patients; at the research stage, the feedback from them is really necessary."


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