23:14 GMT30 March 2020
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    The handgun has been used as a sidearm in the Soviet and Russian Armed Forces and the primary weapon of Russian policemen since the 1950s, and was for a long time irreplaceable. The firearm has also been exported to over 30 countries.

    Russian engineers have shown the Udav (Russian for "boa constrictor") semi-automatic pistol, designed to replace the Makarov handgun in the Russian Army, in action at a shooting range. In the video obtained by Sputnik, the person test firing the sidearm easily hits all four targets, which were placed a significant distance away, both with and without a suppressor.

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    The new pistol utilizes the same calibre of bullet as its "predecessor", 9mm, but the casing is 3mm longer, making the ammunition more powerful and giving it a greater chance of penetrating body armour. Another advantage of the Udav is its larger magazine, which can hold 18 rounds as opposed to 9 in the Makarov.


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