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    Wolverine's Adamantium In Real Life? Scientists Develop Unique Alloy

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    A fictional metal alloy named adamantium, which was bonded to one of the X-men team-member Wolverine's skeleton, might have found its real-life alternative as Japanese researchers developed what is considered to be "the perfect material", which can withstand the ultra-high heat and pressure.

    According to the data unveiled by Japanese Tohoku University, a new metal alloy, which could resist the temperatures as high as 2,912 F (1,600 C), had been developed.

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    An adamantium-like alloy was given a name after the main components it is consisted of — titanium carbide-reinforced, molybdenum-silicon-boron alloy or simply MoSiBTiC.

    Unlike the adamantium, which was used in comic books mainly in secret military experiments, MoSiBTiC is planned to be used for construction of jet engines, gas turbines, and other power generation systems, according to Tohoku University's News Release.

    The findings regarding MoSiBTiC showed that the new alloy could be perfect for using in such systems as energy conversion systems in automotive applications, power plants, and propulsion systems in aircraft engines and rockets, News Release reads.


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