20:41 GMT07 May 2021
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    Hardly had Apple fans woken up to the fact that the iPad Pro can hang on a fridge like a gigantic magnet when reports of another feature, although hardly a new one and unbelievably trivial in terms of its functionality, started making rounds on the Internet.

    The Twitterati is now energetically discussing a new feature, which may make no difference to iPhone owners whatsoever, or, conversely, become a life-saver, especially for those who frequently resort to quick messages to their loved ones, and who heavily rely on T9 or other functions and subsequently couldn’t care less about correcting typos, since “it’s sooooooo tedious” to scroll up or down, left or right. Apple appears to have made it possible for its clients to navigate around a text message by merely clicking the space bar, holding it… and dragging the cursor with one’s good old thumb. 

    The intuitively grasped magic occurred earlier on Monday at the hands of well-known US food blogger Krissy Brierre-Davis, who tweeted her discovery as a screenshot of a text message she was composing at the time. 

    It seems that even “a fat thumb” can do the job of effortlessly scrolling around texts, opening a plethora of opportunities to reconsider something, edit and possibly evade text arguments.

    However banal it is in essence, the crazy trick has literally caused a storm of reactions on Twitter, as people revealed their horror at not knowing about the highly applicable shortcut before and expressing delight over finally ending their fierce “battle with thumbs.”

    “OMG. This is like gliding your scissors across wrapping paper,” one explained the smooth feel as he scrolled around his text message.

    “How did I never know of that before?” another asked emotionally.

    Others chimed in with even more hilarious remarks:


    Some even came up with their own little discoveries:

    Just by the way, did you know that (you’d better sit down for this) by hitting the green phone icon on your iPhone handset you re-dial your most recent contact, with no need whatsoever to go to Recent or Contact Lists? Now you know. Along with the fact that your iPad Pro can even be used as a highly functional fridge magnet, much more useful perhaps than a souvenir one featuring the Eiffel Tower or the US Capitol.


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