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    Some experts have raised concerns that hackers could access the revealing images taken by the mirrors, but Naked Labs says all the data it stores is safely encrypted and detached from customer names

    Smart Mirror Creates 3D Naked Body 'Maps' to Help People Keep Fit (VIDEOS)

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    The futuristic device that creator Naked Labs calls the “world's first home body scanner,” is capable of mapping an individual's body to highlight areas where they gain fat and muscles.

    A brand-new $1,395 smart mirror will take a selfie of a person's naked body to help them track their fitness with the help of 3D scanners that are synced to an accompanying app.

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    Dubbed “Naked,” the innovative system features two devices: a person first steps onto a scale, which spins in a full 360 degrees in 20 seconds while a smart mirror scans the body, creating a real 3D map.

    The app then shows fat percentage, lean mass and fat mass, circumference, side-by-side comparisons and graphs of historical data, as well as a special heat map technology, featuring changes in the body over days, weeks and months.

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    In order to see the changes, different colors are used to highlight areas where a customer has lost weight, gained muscle or vice versa.

    While the idea of purchasing such a smart mirror seems to be quite tempting, some experts have voiced concerns that hackers might access the private images. Naked Labs, a Silicon Valley start-up, who designed the device, has, however, reassured them that all the data it stores is encrypted and even detached from customers' names.

    "The scanner doesn't have the capability to capture photographic images, which was a deliberate choice on our part so that folks could feel more secure placing the device in their homes," Rich Heye, senior vice president of engineering at Naked Labs, said.

    Even though the scans are stored in the “Naked cloud,” Heye said that the firm used “end-to-end SSL encryption for all data in transfer” and “AES 256 encryption for data at rest.”

    "All scans… [are] decoupled from your personal information," meaning "in the unlikely event of a data breach, there would be no way to link [them] up" to a specific user, Haye added.

    Last week, the company announced it had received some $14 million in funding, which has contributed to the start of the smart mirror's shipping to customers within the United States, with the first deliveries set to arrive in autumn.

    “We have been looking forward to this day for a long time. We are excited to get Naked into people's homes to give them better insight into exactly what's going on in their body and help them work towards their goals,” said Naked Labs co-founder and CEO Farhad Farahbakhshian.

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