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    Death Metal Audio Alert to Mark Bitcoin Price Moves Is New Distress Signal

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    Gilfoyle, a character from HBO's Silicon Valley TV program, revealed in a recent episode of the much-hyped series that he mines bitcoins, but only if the venture yields a profit.

    Gilfoyle most notably came up with a very special notification that plays a 1.36-second death metal sample whenever bitcoin goes up or down in price so he can do business remotely, that is toggle his rig at home, The Verge reported.

    Given the volatility of the cryptocurrency, the theme recurs throughout the episode. Staffers of an Icelandic website design agency, Viska, who are perhaps avidly watching the series, immortalized the tune by creating a web version and it sounds as abrupt and startling as Gilfoyle’s death metal alert. 
    Sindri Guðmundsson from Viska noted that his company watches Silicon Valley as a weekly event and that the team built the tool "just for fun." Inspired by the new episode, the Viska team wrote a simple Javascript plugin, which they put on a Wordpress site. The plugin gets updates on bitcoin prices from Coincap.io, so all you need to do is set up a remote cryptocurrency mining rig. YRMV, though, be warned.


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