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    In this Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017, photograph, daredevil/limousine driver Mad Mike Hughes is shown with with his steam=powered rocket constructed out of salvage parts on a five-acre property that he leases in Apple Valley, Cal.

    Rocket Man: Flat Earther Blasts Off, Crash-Lands in Twitter Mockery (VIDEO)

    © AP Photo / Waldo Stakes/HO courtesy of Mad Mike Hughes
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    If one is not convinced by science that it is a globular planet we live on, apparently the only thing left to prove the case is to leave Earth to find out for yourself.

    Limousine driver and self-taught rocket maker “Mad” Mike Hughes, who believes that Earth is flat as a frisbee,  blasted off  his homemade steam-powered rocket from southern California on Saturday to 1,800 feet only to hurt his back when his so-called spacecraft crash landed in the Mojave Desert.

    Hughes originally planned to take flight in November 2017, but was forced to delay his mission due to mechanical problems and issues with the Bureau of Land Management which found out that he planned to crash the rocket on public land.

    Hughes, who is 61, has spent the past few years building a steam-powered rocket out of salvage parts in his garage. He converted a motor home into a ramp to launch his rocket from a vertical angle.

    Landing in Ridicule

    Twitter resounded with laughter after the flat earther's mishap.

    ​"Flat-Earth theorist and self-taught rocket scientist ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes is going to run for governor of California" — Good luck, he's perfect for the job! 😬

    Apparently unconvinced by satellite images proving that our planet is round, Mike Hughes, who is a believer in the Flat Earth theory, to fly into space and see for himself.

    “I’ll shut the door on this ball Earth,” he said, adding that NASA is controlled by round-Earth freemasons and that Elon Musk makes fake rockets.

    Unfazed by Saturday’s failure, Mike Hughes has vowed to keep soldiering on in his quest to reach space.

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    Flat Earth Theory Is Just 'Massive Space Trolling' – Russia’s ISS Cosmonaut
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