19:35 GMT +317 February 2019
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    GE9X engine soars

    WATCH Test Flight of the World's Largest Jet Engine

    © Photo: Youtube / GE Aviation
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    The world's most sizeable jet engine, which is almost as wide as a Boeing 737's fuselage, also houses a 134-inch-diameter front fan, the biggest of its kind, according to General Electric.

    General Electric (GE) has released a video revealing its first test flight of the largest jet engine in the world.

    The footage shows the GE9X engine lifting under the wing of GE Aviation's Boeing 747 flying test-bed, located in Victorville, California.

    The 3.76-meter (148.03-inch) wide engine has approximately the same diameter as that of a Boeing 737 fuselage. The engine is equipped with a 3.4-meter (134-inch) wide front fan, known to be the world's largest.

    The GE9X is designed for Boeing's brand-new 777X long-range two-engine airplane, set to start flying in the first quarter of 2019.


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