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    Rise of the Funnybot: Machines May Soon Invent Jokes, Write Poems

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    Artificial intelligence (AI) could learn to create works of art better than humans in 10 years, Bjorn Schuller, an analyst and professor in machine intelligence, told Business Insider.

    Today robots can't compete with humans in creativity, but the gap between machines and people in this regard is getting increasingly smaller, Bjorn Schuller, professor at the University of Passau said.

    According to the analyst, a machine can one day learn to write novels and other creative texts.

    "I'm pretty sure it can because it's already starting to invent jokes, invent little poems," Schuller argued.

    In his opinion, AI has a lot of advantages because of its capability of using, processing and storing large amounts of data.

    "The machine can browse, let's say all of Wikipedia or the like, and therefore would have quite an advantage in exploiting more information, once it's able to exploit it in useful ways," he explained.

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    According to the researcher, once a robot has an "understanding, well coupled with the ability to also synthesize […] text or other things to better learn about them," it will be then able to "write in appealing ways and come up with plots and other things that will be quite intriguing."

    In August 2017, an AI bot created by tech billionaire Elon Musk defeated professional human video game player Danil Ishutin. Ishutin, a Dota 2 champion, beat the bot in the first round of the game, but lost in the second.


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