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    Curling Robot “Curly”

    "Meat Bags" Still Better at Curling Than AI-Imbued Robots (VIDEO)

    © Photo: Youtube / TUBerlinTV
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    A competition between robots, programmed using artificial intelligence, and humans has been hosted by the South Korean Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology. Some 60 scientists participated in the development of the robots.

    While AI may beat humans in more and more areas, for now, Homo sapiens remains the top dog in the sport of curling, as a recent competition hosted by the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT has shown. The two-robot team, which had no sweepers, was developed by nearly 60 scientists from eight South Korean institutions. Despite this, the robots still couldn't beat their human counterparts.

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    The robots studied over 160,000 throws in around 1,300 games and had significant success in taking the opponents' stones out of the target circle, but did not perform so well in placing their own inside it.

    One of the researchers noted that in curling, AI must consider far more variables than in, for instance, a Go game, reminiscent of a case back in 2016 when a Google Inc. Go AI called AlphaGo managed to defeat South Korean Go master Lee Se-dol.


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