13:45 GMT26 October 2020
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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – US nationals brought a class action lawsuit against IT giant Apple after it had revealed it slowed down older versions of iPhone to enable them to run longer.

    In early December, media reports suggested that Apple was purposefully lowering the speeds of iPhone processors after several years of their use. On Wednesday, the company confirmed it was degrading the devices' performance by saying that in 2016 it had introduced an algorithm for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE, preventing the devices from shutting down when an older battery inside is unable to keep up with the required power.

    "Plaintiffs and Class Members never consented to allow Defendants to slow their iPhones…. As a result of Defendant’s wrongful actions, Plaintiffs and Class Members had their phone slowed down, and thereby it interfered with Plaintiffs’ and Class Members’ use or possession of their iPhones, Plaintiffs and Class Members have otherwise suffered damages," the class action complaint, published by CNBC broadcaster, read.

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    The lawsuit was filed on Thursday by California residents Stefan Bogdanovich and Dakota Speas, who claim actual damages and compensatory damages from Apple.

    Chicago Sun-Times news outlet also reported on Friday that another claim against the IT company was filed by residents of the states of Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and North Karolina, who claim that Apple’s iOS updates "were engineered to purposefully slow down or "throttle down’ the performance speeds" of iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 7.

    Many iPhone users do not conceal their disappointment and anger over Apple's revelation that the corporation intentionally reduces processor speed in "aging" versions of their smartphone line.


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