23:46 GMT17 May 2021
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    A recent study by the online sample, survey and research company Market Cube suggests that while almost everyone is optimistic about automation, millennials are more apprehensive than any other generation about its downsides.

    Last week, Smartsheet, a work management platform, released Market Cube's study "State of Automation 2017," analyzing how people feel about automation in the workforce. 

    The study emerges as the use of robots in many industries, including the manufacture of doors and windows, is increasing. According to the Door and Window Market Magazine, 79 percent of executives think that robots will become our co-workers by 2020.

    The study was based on 1,000 answers provided from information workers. The participants were asked if they were over the age of 18, whether they spend at least half of their day in front of a computer and if they use business software at work, among other questions.

    Almost all the people surveyed — 97 percent — believe that automation can improve their workplace.

    The study's findings also revealed that 71 percent of millennials use automation, compared to only 58 percent of people aged 55 and older.

    Millennials clearly feel anxious about automation, with 33 percent expressing worry that they would be replaced by automation and 43 percent believing that they would lose their value as employees.

    Baby-boomers [those between the ages 51 and 69], are more comfortable with automation. Only 18 percent of boomers surveyed were worried about losing their jobs and 24 percent were concerned about being undervalued.

    "Millennials are more aware of automation, or they are more likely to work at companies that are early adopters of automation. Millennials are also more likely to be fearful of how automation will impact their value to the organization, and of its potential to cause unemployment," Smartsheet explained, according to thenextweb.com.


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