09:35 GMT23 January 2021
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    Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, is facing an avalanche of protest from social media after he used a racial epithet on YouTube. But who is PewDiePie and why is this such a big deal?

    One of YouTube's highest paid stars, Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg, has been slated on social media after he used the "n-word" during an online broadcast.

    Kjellberg, 27, used the racial slur while playing a video game during a live streaming.

    ​This is the latest controversy surrounding the Swede and already games developer Sean Vanaman has threatened to withdraw PewDiePie's right to play the game Firewatch on his YouTube channel.

    ​Vanaman, the co-founder of video game company Campo Santo, tweeted his outrage at Kjellberg's latest antics and urged others to withdraw their content.

    "What a f****** n*****" PewDiePie said, while killing an opponent.

    "I don't mean that in a bad way," he said, a few moments later.

    ​PewDiePie has more than 57 million subscribers who watch him joking around and playing video games.

    ​He has 12 million followers on Twitter but has not so far commented on the controversy whipped up by his use of the word. Many have posted comments on social media, discussing the slur and the debate surrounding it. 

    PewDiePie has previously been accused of anti-Semitism and has been criticized for making jokes about Daesh and their victims.

    In February, Disney cut their ties with him after some of his videos were found to contain Nazi references and an image of two people holding up a sign which read: "Death to all Jews".

    PewDiePie accepted it was offensive, but said he did not support "any kind of hateful attitudes".

    He said it was "insane and unfair" to suggest he was anti-Semitic.

    "I am sorry for the words I used as I know they offended people," he said at the time.

    The row led to YouTube cancelling the release of Mr. Kjellberg's new series, Scare PewDiePie 2.

    He is believed to be worth US$15 million — an income he generates by amassing vast amounts of advertising by companies that know how popular he is with the 18-34 age group, as well as an even younger demographic.


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