00:05 GMT14 August 2020
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    US-based South African inventor Elon Musk has posted the first photo depicting the SpaceX suit in full-bode mode, and it looks classy. Prepare for "an enjoyable ride!"

    The photo depicts a man standing in front of the company's Crew Dragon manned spacecraft, designed for astronauts who will be piloting SpaceX launches to the International Space Station.

    As you can see, the knee zones have special flexible elements for better mobility, while the boots look quite lightweight. 

    Astronaut spacesuit next to Crew Dragon

    Публикация от Elon Musk (@elonmusk) Сен 8 2017 в 1:04 PDT


    The slick white suit is likely to be used used inside the capsule rather than during extra-vehicular activities, the news outlet Techcrunch suggested.

    On August 23, Musk published a close-up picture of the suit, which provided a detailed view of the helmet.



    The entrepreneur noted that the suit had been tested in double vacuum pressure conditions.

    On September 7, SpaceX launched a secret US Air Force space shuttle, X-37B, into orbit. It has been suggested that the craft was aimed at mastering the destruction of space satellites.


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