07:36 GMT18 February 2020
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    Innovator Elon Musk has announced that his project, The Boring Company, has received “verbal” government approval to build an underground system that will let travelers go from the Big Apple to the US capital - a roughly 250-mile trip - in just under half an hour.

    Taking to Twitter Thursday afternoon, Musk shared his exciting news in a series of tweets.

    ​Tossing out a few more, he explained roughly how the hyperloop transport would work.

    ​The billionaire techy did point out that there’s still a lot of work to be done to make this exciting prospect a reality, lest we get too excited just yet.

    ​Musk originally thought up his next-level idea back in 2013, but due to his hectic schedule with Tesla and SpaceX, he decided to release it as an "open-source white paper," according to The Verge.

    As for this mysterious "verbal" approval, investigators at The Verge determined that Musk may have gotten the green light from a certain US president’s son-in-law. 

    *Cough* Jared Kushner *Cough*

    ​While Musk’s plans only include New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC, at the moment, the innovator is hoping to add several other destinations once more details have been fleshed out. 

    ​Though some critics are calling the announcement premature, Musk just seems to be seeking a little love and support. 

    ​Though The Boring Company is a tunneling firm, analyzers at TechCrunch say it’s still unclear whether Musk’s barely one-year-old enterprise will actually be the one digging from city to city.

    If successful, the underground high-speed transportation system would move pods of passengers or cargo in low-pressure tubes, avoiding congestion and slashing travel times.

    But as the saying goes, talk is cheap, and until Musk actually gets written approval (like pen and ink stuff), we’re stuck with planes, trains and automobiles.  


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