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    Japanese Jukebox Like Juice Maker: Lets Music Lovers ‘Taste Songs’

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    The Japanese company Nomura has designed a new gadget that lets music lovers taste songs. Squeeze Music is a juice maker that blends a glass of juice according to the mood of a song.

    A computer analyses the song's waveforms and identifies the feelings conveyed. These are then assigned a flavor. Feelings of happiness tastes sweet, excitement tastes sour, romantic is astringent, sentimental is salty and sad is bitter. 

    Notably, the developers of the gadget say it lets music lovers enjoy a drink blended according to a song while still listening to it at a music festival.

    Radio Sputnik discussed the new gadget with Hami Matsunaga, art director at Gogyo, a company collaborating with NOMURA and a member of the Squeeze Music development team.

    “We wanted to create a new experience with music. We had this idea that you should be able to get a taste of music. So we created this jukebox-inspired juice maker,” Matsunaga said.

    She further spoke about the exact method of how the juice maker analyses the song’s waveform and identifies the mood conveyed.

    “Feeling happy tastes sweet, excitement tastes sour, romantic is astringent, sentimental is salty and sad is bitter. In the end you get a juice depending on the mood of the song,” the art director said.

    Currently the gadget is a prototype but in the future it can become a household item.

    “Right now we are looking to collaborate with some music companies or music festivals so if someone is interested, please contact us,” Matsunaga said.

    She further spoke about how the new gadget was received in Japan and if they have managed to capture their audience with it.

    There were reports that the Squeeze Music juice maker can be used to make alcoholic cocktails and that it could make it in very popular in bars.

    Talking about that, the director said that in the future it will be updated to make alcoholic cocktails and also introduce over 100 moods in order to make more complicated tasting drinks.


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