03:37 GMT11 August 2020
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    A home-made artificial intelligence (AI) robot Wednesday, without access to the internet or any other resources, narrowly passed the national college entrance examination's math test.

    Wednesday is the first day of China's 2017 college entrance exam.

    The robot, AI-Maths, took the tests in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan Province, the paper.cn reported Thursday.

    Finishing in 22 and 10 minutes on two versions of the test, it respectively scored 105/150 and 100/150. Standard time for the test is two hours.

    The robot is developed by Chengdu-based technology company Zhun Xing Yun Xue, which is under Bigdata Processing Center Suzhou Research Institute, Tsinghua University.

    Lin Hui, Zhun Xing Yun Xue CEO, showed his dissatisfaction with the results. "Given another hour, the result will improve by at least ten points," he said.

    The ultimate goal of the robot is to get 120 to 130 points on the test, an expert involved in the project told the paper.cn.

    This article was originally published in the Global Times.


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