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    Clean Slate? Wipe Yourself Off the Web With the Push of a Button

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    A new tool offered by Swedish developers allows for the ability to wipe a major portion of one’s online existence off the internet in just a few clicks.

    In film director Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises movie, world-class thief Selina Kyle, also known as The Cat, is hunting for a miraculous piece of software called "clean slate." This bit of code, considered a myth by many in Gotham City's fictional criminal society, allows a person to wipe their entire online identity from any and every database with the push of a button.

    While most internet users do not publicly admit to being superhero criminals, many might like to do exactly that: wipe themselves off the drives and servers of the World Wide Web, and get out of the matrix for good. Especially when the internet turns from a beautiful place full of supportive people to a horrible place inhabited by trolls, stalkers, identity thieves, and sales pitches. Internet-induced stress, combined with information overload, is not funny to those who do not have the will to turn their machines off.

    It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to erase yourself online, as people easily forget where they left their credentials. But it has become a little simpler recently, thanks to new website called deseat.me, created by two Swedish developers, Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck.

    Similar to the fictional "clean slate" software, this website's engine scans for apps and services in which you have created an account, making a list, complete with easy delete and/or unsubscribe links. Depending on how many traces a user has left, a normal internet user could work their way through the list within an hour.

    The website has its limitations. Based on Google's OAuth protocol, it requires a login using a Google account, and can only seek social media accounts associated with that mailbox. (This means, for instance, that old MySpace and Friendster accounts will be missed, sorry!) The website will provide some assistance with older websites that have not implemented the OAuth protocol.


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