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    Welcome to 2017: The Year You Can Get Intimate With a $15,000 Real Life Sexbot

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    Next generation sex robots are expected to hit the shop shelves in 2017 - but they won't be cheap.

    The Real Doll, on the market for US$15,000, will be able to talk, move, vibrate and feel warm to touch thanks to an inbuilt body warmth sensor that can react to human touch.

    The sexbots will be manufactured in California by Abyss Creations.

    "I want to have people actually develop an emotional attachment to not only the robot but the actual character behind it — to develop some kind of love for this being," founder Matt McMullen said.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers are constantly working to improve any potential dialogue between human and robot and the sexbot is no exception. The Real Doll will be able to converse in a very basic manner.  

    But as technology improves and the materials to manufacture robot dolls become cheaper, the more life-like they will also be. This poses more questions on the ethics behind the development of AI and its potential role in love-making relationships.

    ​It's thought that by the year 2050, sex with robots will be commonplace with more people falling in love with androids than ever before.

    Movies like Her and Ex Machina, will feel less like science fiction and more like science fact. 


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