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    Trump Antihero Appearance Boosts Finnish Game to World Fame

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    Finnish gaming company Psyon Games has gained international attention by intentionally choosing such a high-profile and controversial figure as Republican presidential contender Donald Trump as an antihero figure for its production. In Trump vs Science, kids learn to address science issues using Trump's tweets as a negative example.

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    The main objective of the game Trump vs Science, developed by Jyväskylä-based game studio Psyon Games, is to shoot down tweets by Donald Trump with various "scientific" projectiles, such as books, globes or energy-efficient light bulbs. According to the developers, who by their own admission "believe that science is great," the Republican presidential candidate uses "trendy internet rumors" in an irresponsible way to appeal to public fears or for his own personal power.

    According to Psyon Games CEO Olli Rundgren, the game was an attempt to help kids develop the art of critical thinking. Accordingly, the game takes up some of Trump's most notorious tweets on global warming or vaccinations.

    "The President of the United States is the most influential person in the world and if he utters statements that strongly contradict science, that's very worrying," Olli Rundgren told Finnish national broadcaster Yle. According to Rundgren, the game offers consumers a more challenging entertainment than to make fun of Trump's perennial comb-over.

    ​The game was released in Summer and since then over 3.4 million objects have been hurled at the would-be US President's contentious tweets. At the same time, 33-year-old Rundgren argued, himself a graduate of Jyväskylä University, that the aim of the game was to criticize Trump's "anti-scientific" rhetoric, rather than the man himself.

    Nevertheless, by Rundgren's own admission, the developers stand prepared for potential lawsuits from Trump himself, who is known for jealously guarding Trump-related trademarks.

    "This suits our values and we don't renounce anything we have done. Even if we lose in court, this would be of great service," Rundgren argued, citing global interest as a vehicle to achieve the company's goal of leaving a mark on the world stage.

    By Rundgren's own admission, Psyon Games, which was earlier this year voted one of the hottest start-ups in Finland, seeks to inspire people to get interested in science, understanding and learning. Therefore, online and mobile games are a convenient way to reach people who aren't too keen on reading.


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