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    Don't Tell the Aliens! World's Leading Astrophysicist Issues Stark Warning

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    To infinity and beyond - but don't tell the aliens you've arrived, warns astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who suggests that humans shouldn't announce their presence to any potential alien life in the future.

    In the film, Stephen Hawking's Favourite Places, the world-renowned expert on practically anything space-related, takes a tour across the cosmos on his spacecraft, the SS Hawking.

    During a hypothetical flyby over a planet 16 light years away —a very, very long time — Hawking warns humans not to interact with any alien civilization, if one was discovered.

    "One day we might receive a signal from a planet like Gliese 832c, but we should be wary of answering back," Hawking says in the movie.

    "They will be vastly more powerful and may not see us as any more valuable than we see bacteria."

    ​Hawing has been quoted telling reporters:

    "As I get older I am more convinced than ever that we are not alone. After a lifetime of wondering, I am helping lead a new global effort to find out."

    Stephen Hawking is also involved in another project, the Breakthrough Initiatives Listen project, which scans the nearest million stars for any signs of life.

    At the launch of the project last year, Hawking suggested that any civilization reading human messages could be billions of years more advanced than the human race.


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    • Jammy
      Stephen Hawking came up with black hole theory but if you knew the science and was not fooled by artist impressions and pictures from computer simulations then you would know that it is still just a theory and has yet to be proved right but don't tell Steven,

      Like the very nice picture at the top of this page, these images are not real images of black holes but people think they are.

      Steven-H cannot be an expert on everything and i suspect little if anything that comes out of the speaker phone ever past his brain and a few people have come forward to say just that including a body guard so who knows.
    • turex
      Exactly this sort of humor.
      Humans generally measure and imagine the aliens all the times (especially our times) according to our level of science, technology, Etc. We imagine the aliens somehow similar to us, but they are very different. Because we are the highest level of living beings on Earth doesn't mean we are the highest level of beings in the universe. There are not aliens similar to us, we are unique. There are other more advanced creations but not advanced because their longer evolution or faster development because better environment. Their higher level is same like our highest here on Earth, as well there is nothing similar to Earth. All physical universe is ours.. In our language they are super-powerful, higher level of creation, even our entire physical universe is not habitable to them, nevertheless, when they act with us they have transfigure to our lower level to interact. For that they do need to have things we are able to imagine.. With our brains we are not able to even imagine what it is (Them). As well we are extremely unclean to them. We are loathsome to them for our decadence, but it wasn't like that always, we have been different when there isn't evolution but opposite we are going through.
    • turex
      is good to comment here but I will even better if one could edit its own comment
    • avatar
      JoAnnin reply toturex(Show commentHide comment)
      Even if they were very similar to us, which most humans for their limited imagination cannot help but thinking they must be, say like we are close to orangutans (chimps 6 billion, orangs 9 billion brain cells, us 16 billion, not a dimension apart) , and especially BECAUSE of that they might treat us the way we treat our "animals" - because that's what we are, too.
      We are not far apart from the other animals of this evolution, and we treat them like dirt. That is not an intelligent thing to do, but then only WE assume that humans are intelligent.
      Just compare Wahhabi Muslims and Westerners, a tiny shift of the Overton window creates different behavior... so I agree, they will NOT think the way we do but they may even be more brutal.
      And if you look at what we are and do, why would they consider us an intelligent species, because after 3 million years of troglodyting we found out how to make a fire so big it can delete ourselves ?
    • RedBannerin reply toturex(Show commentHide comment)
      turex, You can edit your posts. Below your name/nick, to the right of time and date, there's a "Edit" button function that you can use anytime you need.
    • RedBanner
      Knowledge and information is a key aspect to this "alien"/ET question.
      Of course we are not alone in this Universe, it simply cannot be otherwise. Or it would have been the worst waste of Time, Space, Energy and Matter, to have this huge Universe for Earthlings alone!

      As with our own planet, diversity is a universal rule, hence there are all kinds of ETs out there. Thousands (if not millions!) of people have been abducted worldwide since at least the 40's, last century. Medical experiments have been made with/to those people, DNA extracted, hybrids ("alien"-human) were created (for what goal that's what remains to be known). Positive Contact with other benevolent ET species has also been happening since we know.

      Some are benevolent, friendly and protector of Humans, others are not.

      Some are technologically more evolved than we are, but spiritually not at all, others excel in both characteristics. These are usually the benevolent ones we would want to meet in open and global Contact.
      Can you imagine what will change on this planet once this Contact happens? Everything will change! For the better!
    • Hermes
      👽 Everybody should take Hawkings warning to heart.
      If you discover an alien civilization do NOT communicate with it.
      Just walk by as if you haven't noticed it and don't pay any notice to whistling, hissing or other forms of communication they involve in. Remember that the future of mankind hangs in the balance.
    • avatar
      I wonder what's motivating him at this point in his life?
    • avatar
      mzungu in Africain reply toRedBanner(Show commentHide comment)
      RedBanner, Men in Black, nice films, aren't they?
    • RedBannerin reply tomzungu in Africa(Show commentHide comment)
      mzungu in Africa, Guess you mean the American entertainment movies, with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.
      I found them amusing.

      But there's a much more serious Russian Documentary with the same name, "Men in Black".
      Recommended: www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP8kDZVpUvw
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