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    Modern technology can transform incredibly familiar household items that people have enjoyed for decades into innovative objects, which further ease everyday lives tremendously. Sputnik takes a look at new innovative gadgets that are available in the markets today or are about to be released soon.

    Today there are enough choices of smart light bulbs, kettles, coffee machines, multi-steamers, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, heaters, washing machines etc. They all share the ability to be controlled via a smartphone and have variety of additional functions which make them incredibly useful in people’s homes.

    Smart Locks

    Smart locks have been available in the market for quite some time now. Some models of locks can be controlled remotely from a smartphone, through the Internet or via Bluetooth, while others have successfully integrated themselves into popular smart home systems.

    In addition to remote control, smart locks can be opened by entering a code, RFID-cards, key fobs, fingerprints or conventional keys. Some new models are even capable of delivering one-time disposable electronic keys and operate them via Bluetooth thus, providing one-time access to friends or a maid into the house.

    Kwikset 925 Kevo 2
    © Photo : Youtube/Newegg TV
    Kwikset 925 Kevo 2

    Picnic Gadgets

    Standing behind the barbecue, many of us often wonder whether roasted meat is done or should it grill a little more? Now with a new gadget, steaks and kebabs can be left alone without getting tormented by a poking knife.

    In order to check readiness of the steak, plug the sensor from iGrill Mini directly into the roasting piece of tenderloin and see the results on the smartphone screen via an online application. The gadget works via Bluetooth.

    iGrill Mini
    © Photo : Youtube/iDevices
    iGrill Mini

    Nifty Bed

    It Bed helps to improve sleep. It can be controlled from a smartphone and can also exchange data with third party fitness apps and smart thermostats.

    However, the main thing in this bed is the sleep monitoring app. With the help of the built-in sensors, it detects pulse, respiration and how often one tosses and turns during sleep.

    As a result, It Bed then provides a current assessment of past sleep and also provides personalized recommendations to remedy the situation. Furthermore, the stiffness of the bed can be changed as a whole, or as two separate halves.

    it Bed
    it Bed

    Smart Refrigerators

    The two most intelligent models available today are the Samsung Family Hub and Liebherr BluPerformance module SmartDeviceBox.

    The first is connected to the Internet, has a built-in TV, radio and a touch panel. Owners can leave each other notes and order food products from grocery stores.

    Inside there are three cameras, with which it is possible at any time to take a photo and find out which groceries need to be purchased.

    The company Liebherr has gone a step further in innovation. Its refrigerator’s camera can not only take photos but also has access to a pattern recognition system established by Microsoft.

    The refrigerator can create a list of products that are currently stored in it. If a voice module is installed it can even talk. The voice assistant will tell what food is present in the fridge and what needs to be ordered. It will also give advice on how to store the food properly.

    The refrigerator can be operated via a tablet as well.

    LIEBHERR BLUPerformance
    LIEBHERR BLUPerformance

    Design for Pets

    Petcube Bites is a center for tracking pets. It has a built-in Full HD camera with infrared illumination that transmits high quality video stream directly to a smartphone screen.

    Also it is possible to control a laser module, creating a bright spot on the floor and walls. Cats will definitely appreciate this and lazy owners will enjoy the ability to automatically control the laser. In addition, with the help of Petcube Bites the owner can feed a pet or talk to it.

    Petcube Bites & Petcube Play
    © Photo : Youtube/Gearrific
    Petcube Bites & Petcube Play

    Smart Dust Cleaner

    Bruno is a bucket vacuum. As soon as some dust is brushed towards it, the bucket instantly collects it into its inner bag.

    Once the bag is filled with garbage, a notification is sent to a smartphone. This bucket has a built-in pocket for garbage bags and can tell when their supply is running low.

    Bruno: The World's First Smartcan
    © Photo : Youtube/ The World's First Smartcan
    Bruno: The World's First Smartcan

    Connected Plant Pot

    Parrot Pot is a high-tech pot. It comes with ambient light sensors, humidity and fertilizer. There is also access to a database with information about 7000 different plants and ways to care for them.

    When the pot determines that the plant planted in it is lacking something, it will send a message to the owner of the smartphone.

    Furthermore, the pot can moisten the soil itself using a two-liter water tank built into it, which allows the owner to leave for a month without any hassle.

    Parrot POT - Connected Plant Pot
    © Photo : Youtube/Parrot
    Parrot POT - Connected Plant Pot

    Smart Toothbrush

    Smartybrush forms a personal timetable for the person to brush their teeth. It provides periodic recommendations on how to take care of oral health.

    The cleaning, movements, pressing force and frequency of brushing can all be set. In addition, it is integrated with an ultrasonic sensor which evaluates the quality and condition of the teeth.

    Furthermore, if the brush senses any improper brushing, the indicator will change color. Extra details will be available for the user via a special smartphone application.

    Smart toothbrush
    © Photo : Smartybrush
    Smart toothbrush


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