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    Google's Decided to Take on VR Trolls... For Your Safety Only

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    The virtual reality (VR) phenomenon is just around the corner and so it seems are the Internet trolls hiding underground, however Google is on the case.

    The Internet giant is already working on eliminating trolls from its VR experiences. According to a recent blog post, Daydream Labs has been testing ways to prevent trolling in its virtual reality environments.

    "As developers and designers, we are excited to build social experiences that are fun and easy to use — but it's just as important to make it safe and comfortable for all involved," Robbie Tilton, UX Designer at Google VR posted.

    ​"Everyone should feel safe and comfortable in VR. If we can anticipate the actions of others, then we may be able to discourage negative social behavior before it starts."

    According to Tilton, a virtual shopping experience recently ended up with some users trying to block other user's vision by putting hats over their line of sight.

    ​So, while VR is set out to be fun and enjoyable — it seems Google is taking users safety and comfort pretty seriously.

    Poker Face

    Daydream VR has already unveiled its new software program and guidelines for other manufacturers to create "Daydream-ready" headsets and recently built a virtual poker game, complete with anti-game spoilers.

    OK, Google
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    To avoid players spoiling other people's fun by stealing chips or interfering with their cards, a player's environment turned black and white if they left their seat and their avatar would disappear.

    A glowing blue space bubble would also appear around the seat to encourage the player back to the poker table to continue playing.

    The virtual scenario also includes a reward program for positive behavior, with fun features omitted when any aggressive actions took place.


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