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    US-Russia Tunnel? Ex -US Senator Suggests His Way of Linking the Two States

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    Instead of confronting each other, a former Senator from Alaska has suggested a way of bringing the two quarreling countries, the US and Russia, close to each other: the former politician proposed constructing a tunnel under the Bering Strait, similar to the one beneath the English Channel which connects Britain and France.

    “This is absolutely feasible and not harder than to build a tunnel beneath the English channel,” an online Russian construction journal quotes Mike Gravel, a former Democratic United States Senator from Alaska who served two terms from 1969 to 1981 as saying. Gravel was a candidate in the 2008 US presidential election.

    “Instead of exchanging threats, we need to work on projects unifying the nations,” added the former politician.

    He called for the application of new technologies which are currently used in the defense industry for the benefit of the whole of mankind.

    The length of the tunnel under the strait would amount to approximately 80 km. It would have the facilities for a magnetic cushion train, which would run north from the 'lower 48' United States to Alaska via Canada, before linking to Russia and stretching south to join with the route of China's “New Silk Road”, reaching a top speed of 600 kilometers per hour.

    Thus the two countries could “reap huge economic benefits” from the supplying of goods from Eurasia to the Western Hemisphere.

    However, his idea isn't particularly new.

    Back in March 2015 The Siberian Times reported that then-Russian Railways president Vladimir Yakunin had proposed a plan for a massive trans-Siberian high-speed railway and motorway that would link Russia’s eastern border with the US state of Alaska, crossing the narrow stretch of the Bering Sea that separates Asia and North America.

    The idea was for the Trans-Eurasian belt Development (TEPR) to reach from the Atlantic to the Pacific, via the heart of Siberia and the Far East.

    The project suggested construction not only of a new train network built alongside the Trans-Siberian Railway, but the construction of major roads, pipelines for oil and gas, and the laying of facilities for electricity and water supplies.

    The mega transportation route was supposed to span the entire length of Russia, and link into existing networks in Europe and Asia. It would have created the first ever modern route from the Pacific Ocean in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west.


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    • james
      sounds cool, but even now there is no road, railroad, or anything whatsoever connecting central and south america. this hemisphere should be connected first.
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      armorin reply tojames(Show commentHide comment)
      Frankly, this is non-sense: money should be used for the well-being of people now . 'They' speak as if money is unlimited, little men thinking they are playing
      God on earth. Slow down, ex -senator.
    • avatar
      In theory, it would be a great project. but the reality is that most Americans aren't ready to play nice with the world yet.

      The US is in need of a conservative and Christian awakening. And I think it will be soon. It's already started with interest in eastern Orthodox Christianity increasing. The overall number of churches and missions is very small, but the percentage increase is large and growing.
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      Jas, thank you, keep us informed.
    • avatar
      Just return stolen Alaska to Russia.
    • support
      This is a beautiful idea and in theory ought to have been undertaken decades ago. The major obstacle is the seismic instability of the region. There are multiple earthquakes daily at just his site alone.

      Here is the global seismic alert site of the US Geodetic Survey showing earthquake activity for the Bering Straits. There was one today for the Aleutians:


      A floating bridge would be better or a serious ferry service complete with icebreaking ferries. Older de-commissioned aircraft carriers and VLCC's (very large cargo carriers) modified for the task would do yeoman service at a fraction of the cost of a bridge or tunnel.

      There already is a lot of, er, unofficial trade between Russian fishermen out of Vladivostok and Everett, Washington. How it works is the Russian fishing boat "breaks down" in international waters, the engine unfortunately needs a little work, and it is closer to an Everett shipyard than it is back to Vladivostok.

      You can always find superb Russian caviar, furs and embroidered fabric in Everett. You just need to know with whom to speak :)
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